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About Grayson Rogers

Voted Spot Magazine's 2013 Band of the Year, Grayson Rogers has quickly grown into one of Florida's most premier up-and-coming bands. After forming their band in March 2012, the Grayson Rogers exploded into the Southwest Florida music scene, earning opening slots for National Acts only 3 short months after their first-ever performance as a band. GR performs high-energy music that engages audiences and makes people take notice. They rock every type of venue out there, from rock clubs and pool rooms to biker bars, road houses, fairs and music festivals. GR has brought much-needed relief to the parched lips of a scene aching for something fresh and exciting Country Music.

Performing a blend of dynamite original music and chart-topping country hits from the biggest names in country today, GR has quenched the thirst of die-hard country music listeners, as well as exposed a vast group of people to a style of music that they probably would never have thought to try.

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The Band

  • Josh Grayson

    Grayson Rogers

    Lead Vocals, Guitars Photos
  • CJ Sutton

    CJ Sutton

    Bass, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals Photos
  • Derek Soutar

    Derek Soutar

    Lead Guitar, Vocals Photos
  • Jay Phoenix

    Jay Phoenix

    Drums Photos

Contact Us

Management/Bookings: KPI Entertainment Solutions

Phone: (615) 800-2312


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